[SOLVED] Decrease speed of dialog in rpg game

Hello everyone !

I am new to gdevelop and i have design dialog with json file but when the player is in collision with npc dialogues are too fast. I don’t understant why.

I have also a sub-question: how to add different dialog when the player do an special action? I already read the example

Thank you

change the value of variable text scroll speed

Thank you Mixen but I tried and it does not work…I set to 0.5. The last dialog is too fast

Try to do 1 instead. That might do the trick.

The text scroll speed is basically how much seconds it waits before adding another letter.
The event is set up that way.

No it don’t work :confused: I changed the scene variable also but there is no effect…
It is only affect the last dialog

try doing reset the timer “text scrool”

Other approach is to add the entire dialog system to an specific layer and change the layer timescale as you want to increase or decrease the speed.

Thank you ! But it don’t work… I tried to reset the timer but no use…

@UlisesFreitas Do you have an example pls?

Like this…

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you should change your load dialogue data and start dialogue branch as per your file name and branch.
Also i forgot something…
That is:
Dialogue change text to dialogue::get_clipped_text

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if you don’t like this speed then just change the value of timer scroll

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@Muzan Thank you ! It works :):smile:

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