[Solved] Dialogue trigger freezes game entirely

Yesterday my dialogue was working perfectly fine. But now when I release the Z key to trigger it, the entire game freezes. I can’t move or even press escape to quit. What’s happening?

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Did you change anything? Can you screen shot the events around the z keypress being actioned?

I also have a start (or reset) timer at the beginning of the scene too.

You need a trigger once on that first event, but that won’t make a difference. Are there any other events that deal with dialogue?

Nope. That’s it. It was working just fine yesterday. Hopefully I’ll figure something out though.

Have you made any changes to the external events PlayerMovements?

No. I’ve actually went back to some other projects where it worked perfectly and it’s still not working. Was there an update or something?

Nevermind. I’ve figured it out. It’s my timer. Not sure what’s going on with it but I copy and pasted the old version of timers and it’s doing just fine now (for the most part). Thanks for the help.

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