[Solved] Different behavior on overlying objects in different Z level

Hello! And thanks in advance for any suggestions!

I’m sorry to disturb, it’s only two months I use (by night) this GREAT tool, but I imposed me some deadline.

I have a vertical platform (Physics2 behavior, rectangular shape), over it I move (by Z level) an identical object with a different color (red color, simulating bad stuff).

My problem is when my object (let’s call bullet, having Physics2 behavior too) move on it, it (the bullet) has to destroy this object (the red on), play sound,…blablabla (and go back…). The problem I had to use only use “distance between objects” to let it work, but many times it doesn’t work (do not relevate the contact).

I did something wrong? Any suggestion to do the same thing in a different way, maybe?

Many thanks!

PS Not the right place to write but many thanks to Florian Rival for the great tool he created!

You could use collision as conditions then change the global color of your object to black or any color you’d like, play the sound effect and destroy the objective if you want.

Thanks but already tested and doesn’t work. No collision detected. Maybe a bug?

Just a note, don’t know if can help. Consider what I crated as tiled sprite is in fact a panel sprite. Now fixed with new GD version.

You need to find why the collision is not working, because it’s the way to do it :slight_smile:
Maybe some values are not right (speed, size…), maybe there’s an issue with the hitboxes…
Which object is a panel sprite? :thinking:

Hi, thanks, I’m working on it. Keep updated.

Done! Was just a matter of collision mask, thanks again for your time!

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