[Solved]Disable collision in a specific area of the scene

Hi All,
I need to create an area in the middle of the scene where all collisions are disabled. I tried to create an invisible sprite in the middle of the scene, in a layer between the objects that collide but it doesn’t work. They still collide. How do I do disable collision in the middle of the scene?



use separate the object action

But I don’t want to separate the objects, I just want them to not register a collision. In my case the player has a hand to collect objects. The hand can move freely over the scene and also over the objects, but only collect the objects if they are close to the borders of the scene.

I think I am confused about what you want to do here :sweat_smile:…Can you be more specific?So that I can understand your problem better.

Create an object in the middle of the screen and hide the object. In the events once the Object which you want to disable collision for is in collision with the object you created, create an action to disable the platformer object behavior given to the object

I solved it by creating an invisible object in the middle of the scene. While my hand is within that area my variable “inOut” is 0 and while it is out (same but inverted) the variable “inOut” is set to 1. Then I added that condition to my collision detection. It works perfectly!