[Solved] Display apostrophe in string

I found out that using \ before a double quote works but it doesn’t work for a single quote/quotation mark/apostrophe.

This doesn’t display the apostrophe
VariableString(Player) + "'s"

If I put one \ before the ', it gives an error and if I use two of them it displays a space.

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You’re doing something wrong? Or is there a setting that need to changed? It works fine for me :


Thank you MrMen, but I don’t know. What kind of setting could it be? I also tried just putting it in an event by itself and it still didn’t work.


No idea - I was being intentionally vague :grin:

Does the apostrophe go missing if you just set the text object to just "'s" - so without adding the variable string in front? I’m wondering if the variable has a hidden or extra characters in it.

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Where’s the brown sugar?

This just shows the s only, no apostrophe. I also changed it to just "'" and no dice there either, it was blank.

What I’m doing is this, the game opens on the play scene.
Player can click on leaderboard button, go to leaderboard/settings scene
If player is playing for first time, show textinput asking for their name
Type name, click on Enter sprite button
Player name goes into Storage
Boolean value of AlreadyNamed changes to True

Hide player name text input
Get player name from storage and store in player name variable
Change Greeting text to player name variable and 's
Show Greeting text

The point of it is to store the player’s name between scenes and when the game is closed. It works after a lot of effort. It’s one of those things, I just was like a monkey with a typewriter, was just changing things and finally the storage and everything worked. So I’d rather have no apostrophe than risk breaking what I’ve got in terms of storage.

Oh nooooo, the solution was simple. The font I chose is limited and doesn’t have apostrophes.

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Lols. That’s made my day. It’s an easy oversight to make - one would expect fonts to be complete. Good job solving it - you might have been haunted by it for ages otherwise

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