[SOLVED] Display Images randomly on screen?

Hi there i want to display 5 images on screen randomly in 2 seconds(or quickly) and in loop , so when ever i click any button i should stop over any image !!!
they when i again press any button it should start the display random image loop again

please any body help !! i cant do coding so how i can figure it out via actions and conditions

how are you meen “in loop”?
please write down exactly what you want. please keep in mind this, you know what are you want, so the details are evident for you, but not for others.

Hi there Gyuszko ,here are more details …let say I have 5 images , i want display them quickly one by one in random order and in loop meaning they would be displaying randomly unless their loop is broken by pressing a button and one image is displayed finally on screen!! hope it helps

may be. so, grab your pictures, cut them the same size. create a sprite object, and import the pictures as animations to it. one image at a time as a separate animation. than you can change the animations of the object randomly by events.

I think i got your point let me try it but how i will change animations randomly is there any event

there isn’t anything special in this. you should use the standard “change the animation” and set it to Random(4) if you have 5 animations.

Thanks Gyuszko that is working perfectly , but what i want is to “These sprite animations are playing or changing randomly by themselves and keep on playing until interrupted by pressing a key”

thanks a lot Gyu i figured it out

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