[solved] Distance from behind?

I am using the ‘compare distances between two objects’ event to speed up opponents when they get too far behind so the player isn’t left alone if they get far ahead, but I don’t know how to have it only work for when behind the player, like using negative x/y for position. This would be especially useful if I implement a practical collision system.

Depends on how the travel goes - is it in one direction, or circular like a racing track?

Forgot to mention that I figured it out.

But, yeah, in one direction, sidescroller style.

I used the DistanceBetweenPositions and the two objects into it, with a plus or minus number added in.
[CarBody2] distance to [PlayerBody] is below
DistanceBetweenPositions(PlayerBody.X() + 2366, PlayerBody.Y(), CarBody2.X(), CarBody2.Y())