[Solved] Do "toggled disabled" events/actions get put into the game code?

If an event/action is “toggled disabled”, when the game is exported, does that code end up in the game? Or, would it be more efficient to delete that event/action before exporting?

I guess I’m worried that if the code is still there but disabled, that the game checks for it but just doesn’t execute it. I’m just trying to make the game as efficient and lightweight as possible.

As far as I know, the disabled lines are commented out (like in HTML or other codes), so they make the game slightly heavier, but they don’t slow the game down because it doesn’t “check” them.

There are not commented, there are totally ignored during the export process.
The events are not present as comment and just not write in exported games.


Thank you so, so much! I spent some time looking through the javascript files and couldn’t figure it out. I really appreciate the response.

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