[Solved]Double jump - where is a mistake

Tried to remake double jump example from Scratch in GD, but can not jump twice. Can you show me where is my mistake?
The original tutorial: inventwithscratch.com/double-jump-demo/
The screenshot of my project:

I take a look at your events and the problem adapting this Scratch tutorial is that GD don’t have a native else condition… is possible to make some simple work-around to emulate an else condition, but you’re not doing it right…

… and most important:

I take a look at the tutorial and to be honest; Scratch is a tool intended to learn logic but as a develop tool, GD is hundreds of times more powerful and the mechanisms used in the tutorial to define the floor level and the physics are extremely archaic compared to the GD current capabilities.

The platformer object automatism incorporated in GD already had a trigger (as a property) to allow multiple jumps in the air, and variables as the falling speed are declared as properties in the same automatism.

In other words, it’s completely unnecesary to implement movement that way. Use the in-built platformer object automatism of GD.

Thanks for finding my error with “else” thing! Corrected my project and now it works! :slight_smile:
Corrections made:

The project:
01_doublejump.zip (2.85 KB)

As you said it is easier to use the Platformer automatism instead but for learning how to use Events to program simple stuff it is still useful. :wink: