[SOLVED] Doubt about tween

Following the example of “Pairs” game, I’d like to distribute my tiles as tween when the game starts.
I have 14 instances of “base_pta” distributed on screen. I created 14 different named instances of tiles: base_1, base2, base3… base14 and put them inside a group called “letters”. I dragged all bases of group outside the game and used this code:

When I start the game all my tiles (bases) goes on top of my last “base_pta”. Isn’t supposed to they go one on top of each “base_pta”?
What’s wrong?

you need to specify which object goes where.
so give each letter a variable 1 to 14 and each base a variable 1 to 14
if Variable of letter = base.Variable tween to position.

Why in Pairs Game the base (called position_placeholder) are not identified? There’s only 1 instance. Only letters (called “cards” in Paris) are. That’s what I did.

pairs example picks 1 by 1 and checks its animation status and changes the animation after picking.

if you want to recreate this, you have to check letters if there where picked.
repeat for each base:
if var picked of letter =0
pick a random letter and tween to base and change variable picked of letter to 1

So they have to have an identifier? An animation or a variable? My letters have no animation, and I tried if animation is=0, but didn’t work.

an identifier, animation, variable, color, layer, whatever.
just a method to tell, if a letter was picked, or not, to not be repicked by pick random.

ok! I got it. Thanks!!