[Solved] Down counter with condition

hi all of you
these are my events for count down timer but all tutorials explain it without engage it with a condition
I want to start my count down timer when mouse press ( ten )
HOW can I ?

Move the reset timer from the first event (the one with the condition “At the beginning of the scene”) to your last subevent (the one with the condition “Left mouse button was released”)

Resetting the timer kicks it off.

Alternatively, pause the timer in the first event (right after you reset it), and unpause it in the last subevent.

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great , it works but with touching( mouse touch ten) i want it with press only

At the begin of the scene
Add Reset timer “countdown”
Pause timer “countdown”
Then when you press on “ten”
Left mouse button was released
Trigger Once
—>Unpause the timer “countdown”

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The “Left mouse button was released” is the last sub event.

still works with touch

how can i delet this condition( touch is on object )?

Just right click on the condition and delete, or move the subevent outside then delete the entire cursor/touch condition

it always works .
i put pause it ( without Unpause ) and works automaticaly
i deleted ( touch ten ) and it works!!! it seems no hope to solve it

if someone really wants to help he can create a scene with this event like i want (WITH PRESSING AN OBJECT ) and give us a pic of it after he succeed .

Your events aren’t working because you’re using different timers.

If you look at the actions in your first event.
“Reset the timer “countdown”” (This is a scene timer)
“Pause timer “countdown” of ten” (This is an object timer)

These are different timer types, so your events are dealing with them are somewhat conflicting with each other.

My recommendation: Change all of the timers over to the scene timer event style (The ones that do not require objects) and your event should likely work, or at least be closer to working.

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THANK YOU Silver Streak. finally i succeeded
thank you for others efforts.
this is the final events for anybody needs it