[SOLVED] Dpad and other Controls missing after Android Export APK

Hello everyone! Fairly new to GDevelop. I am making a mobile game related to treasure excavation. I already have my left and right d-pad and dig button. During the early stages of my work, the controls were still in front of the terrain, or should I say still showing in the mobile export apk. However, after adding a separate background per selected location, my controls are now gone.

I want to make the controls to be shown again. Can anyone figure out what the problem I am facing?

Here is the screenshot of the preview of the project (I can send more pictures related to z-order, screenshots of exported apk, layers, actions, etc.):

Preview in PC:

But when I export it in mobile apk, the three buttons below are missing.

Here is what I see in my mobile export apk:

Here are the layers of the scene (base layer has the background images, grassblocks has the grass and dirt, the miner consists of the character, and controls for the both d-pad and dig button):

Here is the z-order and the layers of the controls:

Here are the events at the beginning of the scene:

The actions below after the selected area are for desperation after the realization that the created d-pad and dig button are not appearing in the Android APK Export.

Found the problem. My instantiation in my sliders in the main menu is conflicting with the d-pad size. All is well.

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