(Solved) Draggable Object snapping back to original position

I’m not sure what I did or how I did it, but I have objects with the Draggable Behavior and I have them in a group. The objects are created within the scene’s events with triggers but that’s it. From all the videos and posts I saw, the objects are supposed to stay at the position where you drop them, but mine or going right back to the original position even if it’s not colliding with anything.

Here is what is supposed to happen:
You roll a dice, get the same amount of square pieces to put inside the grid, lay the pieces inside the grid, and then move the player’s piece along the path of square pieces.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Thanks in advance!

You’ll need to provide screen snips of the events that place the objects. From the description you’ve given, it’ll be a guessing game otherwise.

Are the objects using any other behaviors like physics or platform or receiving an other forces?

They’re using the Anchor to keep them inside the window. Could it be that?

It was the Anchor lol


I figured it out (Anchor Behavior), thanks for taking the time to help out though!

I’m glad you got it working. Just a tip. You only need an and & condition within an OR. Conditions in events have to all be true unless inside an OR. The AND refers to the sub conditions.

In this meaningless example. The events would trigger if one of the AND conditions returned true.
mouse is down and A is pressed OR mouse is not down and C is pressed

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