[Solved] Edit Page is White But Preview is Gray

How do I…

I want all the page is default white color

What is the expected result

I want all the page is default white color

What is the actual result

I didn’t do any change to scene properties but only one page is gray color.



I can’t see what differences there are between the two images. They both have a grey background. You’ll need to explain the issue a bit more.

Are you talking about the slot machine looking like it has a transparent grey object over the layer?

Are you using some kind of layer effect?

Yeah That’s right, It just look like there is a grey filter on it
But I almost check all of the settings , they all have same settings.
if I want to remove that where should I change?

I’m not sure because I don’t know what is causing that. Does your slot machine image have an effect on it?

Or does one of your layers have an effect on it showing the blue circle?

Are you using lighting?

My SlotMachine Image doesn’t have any effect.
Actually the whole scene have this problem, Do you think this problem is from Scene Properties?

What does the scene properties list for that scene?

This is the slot machine properties:

Other Page:

Does anyone know why the slot machine might look normal in the scene editor and dark in the preview?

Looks to me like what happens when you add a lighting layer with no light sources.

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Maybe something with your overlay layer? Try to hide that layer and run a preview.

Thanks guys , You guys save my sister’s master essay!
I follow the comment found that there is a empty layer have grey color in slot machine scene.

Can I ask another question?
I want to put a button in page , when they clicked it , they can open the questionnaire page.
I have try to search in forum and online.
“OpenUrl” is work on desktop and android simulator but not work on Iphone, There are lot of audiences are using Iphone, How can I do to fix this?