(SOLVED) Editing a sound on my pc through JFXR inside GD, is it possible?

So I just found out about JFXR sound editor that’s in GDevelop and it’s truly amazing, I’ve been using Audacity and I always wanted something quicker and much simpler and easier to use…

But the main question, is it possible to edit a sound fx I have on my pc and not created through JFXR sound editor inside GD?

If it’s possible how? and is it compatible with .mp3 and .wav audio files?

Thanks as always…

I don’t think JFXR allows for editing anything it didn’t create. It creates sounds by presets for it’s parameters (sine/reverb/etc), the things it exports are .wav files, and the “history” is just presets for those parameters stored as JSON.

I could be wrong but I’m not seeing anything else.

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Hmm… that’s sad news, if that’s the case then JFXR might not be very helpful in my next project.
1- Alright do you think there might be a way around this? like a workaround or anything? a way to maybe convert an audio file to then be able to open it inside JFXR?

2- If not do you know any software that’s easy to use and fast like JFXR for PC?
Like a program you can edit music and bigger audio files through with the same idea as JFXR with presets and stuff like that?

I really like the idea of pre-made presets and slides to change how the audio sound and so on.

  1. No, I don’t believe there’d be a way to take an audio file and turn it into a JFXR preset.

  2. Those are really different concepts. Music as a whole wouldn’t really apply to what JFXR is trying to do as it’s not generated logarithmically with preset sounds. However, you could just use something like Audacity, load your music in, and then use the various effects included with Audacity.

If you’re wanting to create music from premade samples, you might look into something like 1bitdragon

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Thank a lot, I just saw 1bitdragon and it’s so amazing!!
I’ll get in touch with the creator in a couple of days to ask him about some stuff before I buy it, it’s exactly what I need, hope to see more programs like this, they are so rare.

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