[Solved] Endless game in vertical

I am trying to make a endless dodge item game in vertical, but how do I make the player keeps flying upwards with infinite background and obstacles spawn?? It is pretty hard to explain. The game is pretty similar to the endless road rider game, I’ve tried copied the events but it didn’t work out.

If it’s an endless game, I suposse that enemies and background is generated randomly, so you can try to move them down instead of moving the player and the camera. (And remember to destroy them once outside the screen, of course)

Here’s a simple endless flyer game example.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have enemies or obstacles as such. I guess you could spawn them in relation to the x/y position of the player. Maybe for variation include a random number out of 300 pixels (or something like that). I never made an endless game before so I’m just guessing here.

Create Object Enemy at position YourPlayerObject.X()+Random(300), YourPlayerObject.Y()+Random(300)

Is there a way to open this plane-clouds project from the Gdevelop desktop app? I tried the examples but couldn’t locate it.

Yes there is fortunately… the way to do that is open the online example then click the Project Manager icon and Save the file to your computer. Then open the file in GD Desktop

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Thanks. Worked great.

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