[Solved] Enemies spawning too fast in one big pile

I am trying to make a horde survivor game with a system where every wave of enemies gets stronger over time. At the moment, when I start the game, enemies are spawning super fast in one pile of groups until the framerate drops to 1. What might be the issue? I’m super new to making games and cannot figure it out. Im stuck for like 2 hours, mby I’m just dumb, and there’s an obvious fix.

You’re creating the enemies unconditionally, so it’s happening every game frame (or 60 times per second). The indented events are parented by the previous event that has no conditions

You are talking about this emphty area right?

Yes, you need to have some condition in that first, empty event, probably a check for the value of the SpawnMonster timer.

Okay gatcha! Thank you ! Yeah, I watched the tutorials on wave spawns, but I wanted to make mine different. The tutorials showed how to create wave spawning at specific object locations. I want mine to be random since my map will continue to generate.

I tried multiple options but it’s still the same problem :frowning:
I changed seconds, added/removed timers start/reset but still the same issue. What am i doing wrong?

You’ve got the timer checking if SpawnMonster is less than 60 seconds. Which it will be if it’s just been started or reset.

Change The timer "SpawnMonster" < 60 seconds to The timer "SpawnMonster" > 60 seconds

I tried that, now the enemies don’t spawn at all. Mby it’s easier if i upload the game and send the link so u can check it?

Can you screen snip what the events as you have them now?

You mean the whole evens scene?

The SpawnMonster timer waits for 60 seconds (or 1 minute) before spawning one monster at 0.0 (top left of the screen).

If the camera moves away from the origin (0,0), then you won’t see the monster

Try changing the time limit to something like 2 seconds, and use the camera centre as the creation point for the monster to see the whether it gets created.

Like that? They were actually spawned before but weren’t able to move. They got stuck in one specific position. Now I changed the spawn points, and I cannot tell if they are skipping frames or teleporting on me, because if I move, they are multiple pixels away from me, kind of glitching, but when I stop moving, it looks like they got spawned on me. When it changes from the 1st wave to the 2nd, enemies disappear and do not spawn anymore.

I’ve had a closer look at your events and note the following:

  1. in the 3rd event, repeating every 2/wave seconds, it sets a timer SpawnMonster. This timer is reset in the second to last event in the screen snip. I hadn’t noticed it earlier, but I doubt you should be touching SpawnMonster. It’s used by the extension. I suggest you rename the timer in the repeat condition to “MoveMonster”, because that’s what it’s doing. Keep the SpawnMonster timer for the 4th event.

  2. In the 3rd event, the actions place enemies around the player at at random angle and at camera width distance. This means, for example, that if the enemy is placed at an angle near 90 or 270 degrees (up or down) the enemy will be placed off the screen (because the height generally is sorter than the width).

  3. In the last event you are setting the variable StrongEnemy. But it is referenced in the preceding events. Put this action in the parent event. Also, you are generating a value between 0 and Wave/3. The events only cater for the values 0,1 & 3 - there is no condtion for StrongEnemy = 2.

  4. Additionally, the variable StrongEnemy will eventually have values greater than 3 once Wave is more than 11. This has not been catered for.

With the current situation and the changes I made, as shown in this picture, after 5 seconds, enemies are spawning on me unconditionally.

I did the first step.

About the second step, I had the same cordianates before, and it worked perfectly.

About the third step, it was a mistake from my side, and I noticed that as well. But the that don’t fix the problem. And when I make the events as parent, monster spawn instantly and make huge enemy centipede

Before the bug enemies were coming like they should, when the time went on, they were spawning more and more, which was fantastic. Then I wanted to implement that the new, stronger enemies will be spawning with the time, and then things started to fall.

Yes, because you aren’t resetting SpawnMonster, you’re resetting MoveMonster. Here is the change that is part of step 3 in my previous post:

Okay now it WORKS! I managed to fix it thank you!

this is what i changed thanks to you im starting to understand it better

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