[Solved]Enemies VFX problem!

I have VFX object, Which I want to appear when the enemy hit the player. Right now I am just testing. So what happens That normally its working fine but in any case when all of the enemies hit at exact same time, the vfx object either are flipped or not. the should be flipped and not flipped according to their respective enemies.

How many objects (KnifeVFX) do you create this way? If an object is created each time the enemy attacks.

I guess the problem is that, you create the VFX but you don’t make a reference to any enemy, so in case multiple enemies attack and hit and multiple VFX is created than the program just have no clue which VFX belongs to which enemy.

So what I suggest is when you create the VFX right after, Link the VFX to the KnifeThief using “object linking”.
This is an extension that you need to activate to be able to use.
And in a separated event go through every singel VFX using the for each event and take in to account the KinifeThief linked to the vfx, check if it flipped and after flip the VFX accordingly.

So the event should look something like this:

Make sure, first you link the VFX to the KnifeThief when created.