(Solved) Enemy characters stops to fire

I made some events that when the scene begins, more and more enemy(ufo) comes to planet and start to fire bullets.
But when I start it, early ones fire bullets but after a few seconds, all of them stop to fire!
Did I make any mistakes?

it seems you need a ‘For each’-event block to make sure that all of the enemy ships are shooting when they are closer to the planet than 500 pixels. You can keep your event conditions (distance + is ready to shoot) except for the ‘Trigger once’ (it doesn’t work in a loop like you want) and add the ‘For each’-block as a subevent, which should include the fire-condition.

Here is an event from the space-shooter example. In your case, you would replace the timer condition with the distance.

I works smoothly. Thank you!

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