[SOLVED] Error in rendering the background on the phone

During the test of my game, I remarked that the scrolling background is not rendered on my phone.
I’ve done a minimal example in a new scene.
This is the only event:

Ans this is my panel sprite background (2857 x 1000 pixel)

It works on pc but not on the phone.
But if I replace 2.6 with 2.5 in this way

it works perfectly on the phone too.

Thank you in advance

Not sure what the problem could be but when I encounter such problems all I do is to restart gdevelop and everything goes back to normal.

No, even creating a new scene the problem is still there.
I think that maybe the panel is too large for the telephone screen?

2048 pixels wide max on mobile. Why ?

Because it’s a scolling background and I want it to work on pc too

Finally I solved my problem cutting the image in two parts. Now it works perfetly on the phone too

This was one of the first problems I had when making a game! There are a couple threads on this on this board. After doing some research, I figured out: “Turns out mobile devices only render an image less than 3MP or 5MP (depending on how much RAM the device has). So, my large 1080x6000 background images weren’t showing up. I had to split them into smaller images and put them next to each other on the background layer.”

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