[Solved] Error on packaging for android. Please help :(

This is my first attempt at publishing a game, but every time I got to the 3rd step (Build and Download) it will always fail.
This is what the build log told me:
What should I do?

Could you send me your project folder as a zip? I’d like to test myself to see if it’s related to your game.

Sent the link via e-mail.
Thank you!

Add node.js and install cordova perhaps

@canniengui This is because there is a “&” in your game title. It should in theory be supported, but there is an issue and it’s not currently.
For now, try to replace it by “and”, and it should work :slight_smile:

This is also fixed for next version :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!
It works now! :heart_eyes: