[Solved] Error when building manually

I am trying to build my game manually, and I get an error every time I try (I know I am doing it right because I have done this with other projects before).
I have narrowed down the issue to the discord rich presence extension, and this is the error I get when it is enabled:

I am able to build the project perfectly fine using the automatic builder tho.
I really hope someone can help me, because I would like to manually build and not have to remove the rich presence extension…

Seems like it requires to download some open source library with git. You can install git from https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/releases/download/v2.40.1.windows.1/Git-2.40.1-64-bit.exe

Make sure to check the option “add to PATH” in the installer (if it exists), as otherwise it won’t be detected!

Sick, that worked! Thank you so much!

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