[Solved - Existing Feature] Add collision detection to Particle Emitters

I want to launch a particle emitter and have it be deleted when it hits a wall.

Currently, the only way to do that is to create a second object, link it to the particle emitter, have it follow the same position as the particle emitter, and then delete the linked object.

This would be much more intuitive to users if they could simply make a condition for “when particle_emitter is in collision with…”

The collision mask would simply be a circle drawn with the position and radius of the particle emitter.


this statement in itself is a good feature request.
round hitboxes please :slight_smile:

Yes it can create very cool effects. I can imagine sparks hitting corner of wall and bouncing back.

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Just to clarify, I would love it if the actual particles had collision detection.

However, this request is specifically for the particle emitters, mainly because I think it would be much simpler and require a lot less CPU/GPU power.

I love your idea though!

FYI - You can already use round hitboxes on Physics2 objects, just make sure you change the Shape from Box to Circle.

I don’t know of a way to do the same thing for non-physics objects. The best I have done is a polygon with many points that simulates a circle.

Hm that’s already possible.

Do tell! How do you do it?

Ain’t it what you wanted?


Doh! I don’t know how I missed that before. +1 for @jack and -1 for me.

We can close this forum post, due to feature already existing.


Just for the sake of completness, the hitbox of a particle emitter is for now a 32px*32px box. It’s not customizable and this could indeed be a feature request to allow to change this.