[Solved] Export android problem

im trying to export my android game ,but this message showing
Error while uploading the game. Check your internet connection or try again later.
The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records.
i haven’t any problem of internet connection, how can i repair this problem?

Some users have same issue because you use an un-official version.
Some users use un-official version downloaded on package managers with Linux where someone have build the software without AWS Access Key Id.

If you are on Linux i warn you all packets manager are outdated and the only place where you can get the lastest version is on the github repo on this webpage.

If your computer use 32Bits on Linux or Windows you can download version on this webpage. All 32bits builds on the previous webpage support the export online.

(If b87 in 32bits doesn’t work for export ping me here, i can update the version to beta88)
Can you also check the version in the software in Help > About GDevelop, lastest current is beta88.

Where have you downloaded your current build ?


thank you very much, yes am on Linux,
I try latest version of Gdevelop and the problem fixed. Now i can export my game :smile:
the solution → “install latest version”


Sorry to revive this topic and inderup but what to do after downloading that 32 bit file