[Solved] Extended Variables problem

What’s the syntax to call a Structure Variable
by its name with Extended Variables?
Simply using “A.B.C” in the expression doesn’t work…

Maybe some of this can be helpful: [Example] Simple math test (randomized, with multiple answers)

You need to use Variable(A.B.C) or Variable(A[B][C]).

See the variable section in the wiki for a bit more information

This extension takes the name of a top level (not a child variable) variable. To use it with child variables, you need to use the reference extension. It allows you to create a fake scene variable that will redirect all reading and writing to it to a real variable. Create a temporary fake variable using the reference extension (for example named Temporary that refers to your actual variable in the structure, and then use the extended variables extension on the variable "Temporary".


Wow! Wonderful! Thanks!