[SOLVED]Filesystem dont read my json file

Hi guys I have a problem with the file system

i have an env.json file
in the documents folder.

I use option load scene variable from json file with these parameters.

my json

“Xxxxx”, “yyy”
“Zzzzzz”: “ddddddd”

when i use the debug result variable has error

What is my problem, where am I wrong?

Are you sure your path is correct ?
You should add the separator before “env.json”, there is an expression for add the seprator (because it can be \ or / depending your OS)

I tried it doesn’t work

FileSystem::DocumentsPath()+" \ “env.json”

I can not understand

I understand
FileSystem :: DocumentsPath () refers to the folder above documents in windows in the user folder

Use the blue button on the side of the field to build your expression, and add a separator like @Bouh suggested, it’s in the blue button too.

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