(Solved...finally)How to use the THNK Example Project

I hate to be annoying and keep spamming about pretty much the same topic but since this extension is relatively new, the forums are all I have right now.

I’ve downloaded @arthuro555’s THNK example project. But I don’t know how to get the multiplayer to work. I’ve tried opening the server and client rooms simultaneously (by right clicking the play button after opening a preview) and it’s still not doing anything.

And when it DOES “work” there are only 2 player on one screen and just one player on the other.

Would love to see how this extension works. If no one knows, then I’ll just keep trying.

To get the example working, go on the ServerQuickStart scene, and launch a preview. This will launch the “Platformer” scene in THNK’s server mode, which can receive players through the adapter.
To connect clients, go then on the ClientQuickStart scene. As you can see, the preview button has been replaced with the hot reloading button, as a preview is already running, so you need to right click the button and click on “Open a new preview in a new window”. This will open the game with THNK in client mode connected to the server started by the other preview.

You can also launch the Platformer scene directly, and that will launch it in singleplayer mode. All THNK scenes work normally in singleplayer by default, as it would if you were not using THNK.

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It works!!! But I have a little question.

On the server host screen the movements have almost no lag on both the client and server screen.

But on the client/join screen (Second Player), the joined player BARELY moves if at all. Is this a connection problem or one of those “bugs or features that are important for you that are not yet available.”?

I don’t have any such problem on my side. Would you be able to do a screenshare on the GDevelop Discord server to show me your issue?

How do I do that?

Through DM’s or in the main stage?

I could also screen record the issue if you want.

That would work, too


Sorry for the trash quality. I had to convert the video to a gif.
And I’m sorry if it’s late where you are. I don’t know what time it is in germany.

I have an idea of what must be happening. The client somehow can’t keep up with the server. The server doesn’t receive an input for the player on every frame, so the platformer behavior thinks the client is pressing and unpressing the movement key nonstop. Let me rework the example to show a better way of taking input, I meant to do that for a while anyways.

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OK, try this version of the example: https://github.com/arthuro555/THNK/files/9698646/THNK.Example.zip

Awesome!!! It works now. Thanks for all your hard work.

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