[SOLVED] FIRE BULLET EXTENSION Bug or something wrong with my event?


I don’t know if this is a bug or the problem with my events. because at first it was working fine, then when I put a variable this is what happens, the bullet becomes unlimited and the bullet even doubles sometimes and then I set it for 2 seconds the firing cooldown, but doesn’t work either, I don’t know if the problem is with the variable or with other events or bugs, I hope there is something can answer thank you.

Hi, quite obviously the variable is the issue and it is not a bug in the extension or engine. If you would post your events here, there may be someone who can help you. Please don’t forget to describe what you actually want to do.

PS: I will push this topic in the How do I …? section.

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okay thank you now I know. and here are all the variables that I put in the events and yes when I put a variable the firebullet behavior doesn’t want to work, I just want the firebullet behavior to work properly, because this is my only problem now

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Try adding a trigger once condition

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How often are you spawning a usp and is there a max setting? Here it looks like it’s spawning a usp and then moving it to the player. Is it possible that the player is holding multiple usp objects?

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my problem is solved, you are right my player is set to 0 spawn(Unlimited). That’s the only problem, now it’s set to 1 spawn only and unlimited capacity, it’s working fine thanks a lot guys for help.:heart:

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