[Solved] Fire bullets extension - enemy bullet olways miss

I have an enemy who should appear at a certain point and start shooting at me with his bullets for this I use the extension, everything is fine, I figured out how and where he should shoot and he shoots, but the coordinates where the bullet flies (and this is the player) are always not the same - the direction is! What am I doing wrong.

if i pass the enemy
if I’m in front of the enemy

There’s a bug in the bullet behavior. It is being worked on. I have no idea how long it will take.

For more:

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Thank you very much for your answer!!!
so… my result is:
bubbles is an angle move
a star is moves to a given point.
As for me result is same.
Does the speed or size of my sprites affect the result ?(16*16)
upd: speed is do affect 0.o

IDK. Currently, the behavior’s targeting is off . IDK if that is your problem. It’s using the center point instead of the Point location to calculate angle but then it’s firing from the given point. So, it can be way off target. You can wait for an update, see if the alternative method in my link fixes your issue or you could not use the behavior and create your own bullets and add a force to them.

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