[SOLVED] Fire bullets toward object not working

When I try to use the fire bullets toward object event it wont work


Could you please describe what is not working? What is in the scene and what do you want to happen? I remade your event and everything works as expected.

PS: I will push your topic to the How do I - section. There are some rules for making a bugs report and just because your events are not working it does not mean that this is a problem of the engine.

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when I hit space while previewing the game it won’t fire the projectile, I tried fire bullet toward position and that didn’t work either, the only event that works is the “Fire bullet toward an angle” event which won’t work for my purposes.

actually I think the easiest way to solve this is to make my own extension

Yes, why not. I rarely use the fire bullet extension myself.

I just can tell that it works without any problems for me and whatever causes the issue in your case is not because of the extension.