(SOLVED) First Person Point-n-Click and trying to make the enemy kill the player

Some context: I’m trying to make a horror game with ghosts. One of their mechanics works with opacity. The ghost slowly fades in on-screen. If they become solid, they’ll kill the player. If the player uses another mechanic to stop them from becoming solid, the ghost will disappear for a brief time.

My problem: I got the opacity programming right, but I can’t seem to make the part where the player dies to activate. I’m currently using text (NewObject8) as my test. The text will change to “Success”, but never to “Actual Success”.

I’m still tinkering with the code and I’m open to any suggestions.

Did some more tinkering and I think I found something.

In the first go-around with the code, the text changes as predicted: Text - Success - Actual Success - Real Success. When I interrupt this with the AirCon button mechanic,the text goes like: Text - Success - Also Success - Actual Success.

It stays on Actual Success, when I want it to eventually change to Real Success.

I think this means that I need to fix the Diana timer somehow, but I don’t know where. Can anyone suggest what I can do?

If I could just get that figured out, then this mechanic should finally be done!

Try resetting the timer “Diana” in the second event, when you check if it’s greater than 7 seconds. I’m not sure if the conditions of the last event are ever satisfied, and so the timer “Diana” may never get reset at that point.

And the text “Actual success” will always get shown, because youl’re setting DianaDeath of FrontEnemy to true in the event immediately before.

Thanks, Mr. Men! That worked like a charm!

I also forgot to add a Set Boolean Value to False for the Audio Variable to keep any extra glitching from happening.

Here’s a reference for what I did that works, in case anyone else finds this thread.

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