[Solved] Game builds deletion after 7 days - How to save my game?

Hi everyone :blush:
I’m new here and have nearly completed my first game. However I’m concerned because it says game build will be deleted in 7 days. How do I save my game? Seven days is not enough time for me to finish and export my game!

I’m assuming you’ve built your game by compiling it on the server. In which case it’ll be referring the version of the compiled game being stored on the server, not the game source (game.json and various assets) or any downloaded copy of the compiled game

Sorry but I’m quite new to all this and don’t understand. I downloaded Gdevelop on my computer and built the game from there. I have only game assets on my computer. Will I lose my project if the builds are deleted?

No, you will not lose the game.

Did you publish the game to something other than HTML? If so, the game project is uploaded to a server and compiled there before being sent back to your computer. It’s the online built version that’ll be stored online for 7 days before being removed. It means the build will only be accessible for 7 days, as viewed via the “See Game Builds” button on the publish popup.

I haven’t published to anything yet. Can I just create new builds from my saved project?

Now I understand. The game project is saved to my computer. I just published to gd.games but is hidden. So I can create new builds?

Yes, you can create new builds. But there is a limit to how many builds you can do per day.

Thanks for the help.