[Solved] Game exportation not working

The game doesn’t open when exported to windows. The game just loads a black screen , after that the “made with gdevelop” screen, and when it finishes loading, just a white default gdevelop room without anything. There is no music, no characters, nothing.

what happens when I open my exported game

Try this go to Settings->Resources and do delete all unused resources, then export again your game and play.

Ok, I’ll try. Give me good luck!
Not, it didn’t worked : (

Check with debugger.
Plus check all your events one by one looking for variables with blanks or music and sounds with blanks, some assign empty or a condition conflic. without seen your events is hard to say, try to upload some screenshots if you can.

LOL. For some reason i hided all the sprites, so they are here, but invisible.
Thaks for your time.
(im now feeling idiot)