[Solved] Game size is too big

My total size of the project folder(where all the assets are stored) is 800kb, but my exported game size(for .exe file) is around 50 MB and after installation it takes around 200 MB in disk… How can i reduce it?

Hi, you can find some useful information here:

and here:

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Thank You for reply, but i already mentioned that my assets size is too small its smaller than 1mb…

Judging by the first link it seems that with 50 MB the size of your game is actually not very big. Anyway, maybe someone else knows if there is a way to reduce the exe.

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Yeah 50mb is small… but its just one level… And the level is around 100 64×64 blocks long…

Here is another interesting discussion with a suggestion on how to possibly get a smaller exe size (and an explanation for the big size):

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Hmm… Let me try exporting through other methods

Try this:

  1. Go to Game Settings
  2. Click on ‘Resources’ (the bottom option)
  3. There will be a list of assets you have on your game on the right hand side of your screen. Right click on one of them
  4. Click on ‘Removed Unused’
  5. Select image.

This will remove all the unused assets you’ve used in the project but didn’t give any functions for the game. Say for example: A sprite object you no longer use.

Yes, you may have deleted a sprite/object you no longer use. But those assets and all it’s chunky size would be still there as a pesky residue. Remove this, you can also do the same with other files and you’ll see a noticeable reduction in your game size.

Let me know how it turns out!


Thanks, i am working on a new project. I will let you know if it makes any difference.

Please note that electron is about 100-150 mb. Electron is what is used to transform your game into an exe. This is mentioned in a few threads such as this one from only a few days ago: Large windows export size - #5 by Silver-Streak

Your game will not be any smaller than this minimum size no matter what you do with your resources.

Ohh… Will it be smaller if i export the same game for Android?

Android exports use most of the same technology to make an apk, so no.

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Thank you all… But it’s solved… When i exported to endroid… With added touch buttons ofcourse :joy:… the apk size was around 2.1 mb…

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