[SOLVED] Gdevelop 3d help

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How do I…

How can I make a 3d platform, which the player can jump atop?

What is the expected result

When I made the demonstration, I should’ve been able to collide with the sides of my 3d box and the top of the box

What is the actual result

I can definitely collide with the sides, but instead of being able to climb on top, I go inside of the box.

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GDevelop Project, and Video Demonstration of bug

OHH i see whats happening you dont go through the block you are on the block but its just that the 3d camera angle of gdevelop in in such a position that the camera goes inside the block a little bit making it look invisible because 3d blocks are hollow from inside on gdevelop.I dont think changing z order will work and since the 3d jump is not a gdevelop behaviour but a community one you cannot also report it as a gdevelop bug.You should reach out to the creator of this 3d jump behavior in someway and report them this bug.

My problem is solved already, i forgot about this form, the problem was the camera had no Z axis, so I had to add the Dybde (Depth in norwegian) to the Z axis which allowed the camera to head level