[SOLVED] Gdevelop vs Browser: performance issues

I don’t know if just me or general has the same problem, but I noticed that games that I generate to run in the browser run much better than in Gdevelop itself, see:



Even MrMen helped me figure out why I had this delay and told me to refactor all my code. I did what he asked and it improved a lot. The video above from gdevelop was slower than usual because it was recording, but even recording in browser mode there was no problem.

Now this is why? Because the browser runs on a more powerful server than my machine or because I use Linux?

My configuration is modest Nvidia 4Gb GTX 750 Ti, i3 and 8Gb of memory. 240GB SSD

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If i had to guess i’d say it is because of the electron framework. It basically bundles a modified chrome with the sandbox removed with JavaServer to run a web app on the desktop. Since chrome is bundled in amd a modified version, it cannot be updated. Therefore, since we didn’t update electron in years, in part because of breaking changes that makes this difficult, it uses an old version of chrome. Each update, browsers improve their Javascript engine and their APIs like WebGL, used by GDevelop for rendering. Your browser benefits from years of performance updates while GDevelop cannot.

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Thanks for the clarification. From now on, I’ll start testing more on things exported to the web