[Solved] Get my flamethrower working?

I’m trying to get my player to fire a flame from the gun in my top down game when the mouse button is released. I have a short 3 frame animation that plays for the flame effect and the flame is deleted after the animation finishes. My issue is, the flame is generated at the wrong point and I cant think how to fix it. My flame is 160wide x 32high.

This is whats happening

The flame should be generated from the end of the gun.

I’ve messed around with the actions. I’m currently using this…

and I have origin points and other ‘points’ set up

Any ideas?


Yeah. Make the flame’s centre the same position as the origin.

What’s happening is you are placing the flame, then rotating it around the centre to the same angle as the gun. But because the centre is at the centre, the flame animation spins around the middle.

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You are brilliant. I’ve spent hours looking at that. Thanks so much

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