[Solved] Global variable clearing

In my game i cannot clear the global variable it gets stored…
if i give an action "clear the global variable " its not working …

“Clear the global variable” is shorthand for the full event action. If you read the description it states that the event just deletes all children of a global variable. If your variable does not have child variables, the event won’t do anything

Global variables are explicitly designed to store content across all scenes. What exactly is getting stored? Why are you wanting to use a global variable but not store data across scenes?

there is an extension to delete scene and global variables

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thn what is the condition to delete it…

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search the extension.

then in actions look for extended variables support

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ok bro thank you its working

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I’m happy to see my extension used :partying_face:


I download that extension (ExtendedVariables) but I can’t seem to use it properly. I am quite new with gdevelop and I have no coding background so please forgive my naivete. I made a global variable array with the 26 letters of the alphabet and I want to choose several at random (up to 9) and delete the ones I choose one by one so there are no repeated letters. Could you please tell me what I am missing?
Edit: I don’t feel like I explained what I want to do very well so let me say this… I want to model putting 26 letters in a hat and I want to draw 3-9 letters one by one. This way I’ll have 3-9 unique letters on the board.