[Solved] Global Variable String Problem

I’m trying to make a text entry, which when the player press RETURN, it will take this text from the entry and set it to the global variable.
So I made:
Always set “TestText” to “Global Variable”
And when I run a preview, the “TestText” only shows a 0. Can someone help me please?

Did you try doing…

a Return key is pressed

Change the text of the Global Variable “Return_variable” set to TestText.String()

Note: I named the variable as “Return_variable” just for this example but you can name it differently.

Yes, but still, in the Text that is supposed to appear the global variable. It shows a 0. Here’s a screenshot:

(Keep in mind that I changed the global variable)

Try changing the text (not the value) of the global variable Username


Now when I press enter, the text just disappears instead of showing “0”


Try changing this to Yes (not No)

That doesn’t work either. And also, I don’t want to activate the entry in the beggining of the scene. I want it to activate after the sound on the channel 1 has stopped. And that what’s I have done.
Anyway, I will send my project for you have an idea of what I am trying to do.

Here’s the link:

If anything is wrong with the link, warn me

2 line changes >

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Oh sorry, now it works ;-; Thanks for the help, and sorry if I gave any problems.

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