[Solved] Graphics Quality Decreases

Hi everyone,

When I try to upload an image of my sprite to GDevelop, the quality decreases and the lines in the image become slightly disjointed. For reference, below is what my sprite looked like before being uploaded:

And this is what it looked like after being uploaded.

As you can see, the lines outlining the image, particularly the ones around the arms and torso, don’t connect properly.

My first thought was that the image quality was too high (the original image size is 1920 by 1080), but when I resized the image, it became too fuzzy.

Does anyone know why this is happening? If this is because of the image quality/pixel size, what is the best image size to use for sprites in GDevelop? I would appreciate any help!

Did u tried with 172*172 ?

Hi @Ruhan, thanks for your response! I have tried 172*172 but it’s too blurry:

Is it possible to share the image you are using

Sure, below is the image I’m using:

don’t create your images smaller or larger than the size what are you want to use in the game.

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Hi! I just saw the image, that’s 1920x1080, BUT the actual size of your character is around 350x920 inside that png. So, here you need to take into account some things:

  1. your character looks blurry because it’s not as high definition as you might think so, check the size of the scene you’re making in relation with your characters and sprites to see what size is better for each sprite.

  2. If you scale a sprite that is not pixel perfect, the pixels are going to expand or compress in a messy way, what that means is that you image is going to lose detail(if you make it smaller) or get blurry (if you make it bigger)

  3. If your sprites are that big (1920x1080) sooner or later Gdevelop is going to run very slow because it will need to load a lot of big files that don’t need to be that big in the first place.

In relation with point 1, I usually make a little drawing of how things are going to look on the scene to check how big they need to be, that is going to help me understand how much detail they can have and the size they are going to be.

(I make the canvas size equal to the Gdevelop scene size for better “pixel use” understanding)


If your original sprite is scaled down and cropped in a pro paint program first (about a 1 second computing operation on my laptop) it still loses some clarity and sharpness so imagine GDevelop has to do the scaling calculations in real-time as well as all the other calcs for the game. Here’s your sprite scaled down

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Can You try using this image?

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Thanks @Ruhan, that image size is perfect! No disjointed lines and not very much blurriness. I’ll resize my sprites to that size.

Thank you everyone for your help!