(Solved) Handling variables with multiples of the same enemy

I have a lot of small creatures (all the same creature) and a counter that activates a door after the variable that gets +1 each time one is killed reaches 10.
However, if I kill two or three at the same time it will only count as killing one.
How do I solve this?

Try looping through all the Crawlys, checking each one for a collision with sword.

They are all the same one enemy running on the same variable. there are just ten instances of them. So unless I’m misunderstanding,I think it should be doing that automatically already.

You miss a important concept here.

You have created an object, here Crawlys.
When you put multiple Crawlys on the scene this Crawlys are called instances
Instances are like a multiple copys of your object.

So here you need check your condition for each instance of Crawlys.
You have a event loop For each for do this.

I thought it might be something like this, but I’m not sure how to fix it.
How do I go about checking/activating all the instances of crawlys independently? @Bouh

See my previous comment

I’ve read it maybe 10 times now and tried googling and youtube searching anything I thought might be keywords as well. I’m still somewhat new to this program though.
I know this is the important part Below

“So here you need check your condition for each instance of Crawlys .
You have a event loop For each for do this.”

but I’m clueless on how to set that up. (Though I’m still trying as we speak.)
I should add it works fine as long as I kill them one at a time. its a simultaneous kill that seems to mess things up.

Add a new event loop “For each object” (Right click “Add Other”), set the object Crawly .
Move the first event on your screen as sub event of your loop.

I would do it like that from my memory.

Woah, I had no idea that option with right click existed. Worked like a charm. This has been a huge help.