(Solved) Have objects start and stopping moving at random intervals

I have the people horizontally, back and forth using an extension. I can do it manually if need be, but the issue I’m having is that they all move the same direction at the same time and that seems very robotic. How do I get them to move at random intervals?

Also, they are all the same object, just different animations chosen at random when the level is started.


I’ve had a similiar problem with my game, I solved it by copying a sprite multiple times. Without making it too complex, I think the best option would be to just add different sprites and change the speed or something. It differs based on the extension you are using. Talking about extension, what extension are you using. Similiar movement generally applies to the rextangular movement one.

Sounds like you could do with using an object timer and the random expression for direction, speed and duration of the movement.

Can you post a screen snip of your current events so we can give a better solution?

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You can also use the “Tween” behavior on objects that you want to scroll from left to right, and set a random time each way.

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And is there an event to start the back-and-forth movement off?

No, just the extension automatically running.


Works great.

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