[SOLVED] Having issues with handling player deaths & invul. time

Isolated Project containing just the part in question
The intended behavior is as follows:

  1. Player dies
  2. Hidden for 1sec
  3. Blinking for 1sec (Invul. Time)
  4. Back to usual

In that isolated project, pressing space does hide the ball, but the “dead?” variable stays at 0.
Any idea on what’s wrong here?

Install the “flash” behavior
You can find it by clicking on search behavior

But it already has one?

Is the behaviour on your player

If yes then go to you scene events and search for flash then fill in the parameters depending on you choice

Set the flash(blink) seconds because the behaviour uses that

While I confirmed that blinking doesn’t work at all even when isolated, I think you are missing the actual issue.
The “dead?” variable does not change in the first place. (Checked with debugger)

renamed the variable “dead?” to just “dead” and dying works. just have to figure out how to make the character blink from now on.

Just simply installed blink behavior. Marking this as solved.
Tip of the day: Variable names don’t like special characters.

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GDevelop doesn’t like non alphanumerical names in general. Try to avoid those for everything.

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