[Solved] he Bullet gets offset, Please help me

So, i want to fire a bullet from a point on a player, even when the player is rotated.
The Problem is, that if the player is rotated, even though the bullet fires in the right direction, it shoots from the point of the Gun Barrel in the default rotated Position(0 Degrees)
Now, i want that the Bullet always comes out of this one singular point on the player. (i am working with the “fire a bullet” behaviour btw)
Explain what should happen when you run the game.
I would show you a Video of it, but mp4 formats are not allowed…
Please help me with this

This is my solution. Set 2 variables to a random between 0 and 3000. Spawn the bullet at these two variables. Then you can check if a bullet is at these exact coordinates, rotate it towards the target angle and then change the position to whatever you want.

Can you post a screen snip of the events that ‘fire’ the bullet? The we can see what you’ve done and how to correct it.

of course

What you’re doing is specifiying a specific point that doesn’t take rotation into account, and is relative to the sprite origin.

What you’ll need to do it use a custom point on the sprite. Here’s a link to the GDevelop documentation on how to do this. It’ll fix the problem

Thank you so much, this fixed my problem.