(SOLVED) Health Bar stuck on player, how to make it on the top left?

I’m pretty new to GDevelop, and I just added a health bar for the player. It is stuck as being directly on top of the player, how do I make it go on the top left?

The only action for the healthbar is changing the value for the healthbar to being the player’s health. (no behaviors)

What it looks like in-game:
Screenshot 2024-04-10 091011

Hi and welcome!

If I’m not wrong, I think the problem has to do with layers. Make sure the player and other world objects, enemies etc. are on a layer where its camera can follow the player. The healthbar and other UI objects on another layer where the camera doesn’t move.

Thanks for the answer! The healthbar is indeed stationary and on a different layer, but it is just stuck on top of the player, no matter where I place it it moves right away to the player’s location, and just stays there( since the player is always in the middle of the screen)

Never mind lmao, I switched it to a different health bar and it works now, it was just that specific one for some reason…

Move the position of the point where you want it to be

That’s weird! Glad you found the problem.