[Solved] Help about Play Console upload (API level and SDK)

I’ve just tried to upload my game to Play Console ( test ) and therefore to Play Store. Once I add the .AAB file package ( the one that directly comes from Gdev ), a error message comes up saying that API target level of my game is 33, but the minimun for Google is 34.
What can i do to update it? Is there a way to fix it directly with GDevelop or do i have to do it with AndroidStudio?

Heya. This is on Google’s side and hopefully unintentional. This should only be a notice, meant to give you the heads up that this app will soon need to target API 34, but not preventing you from uploading it. However, for some reason it is preventing new apps from being uploaded, though not affecting API 33 updates to existing apps. This was being reported in the community at Play Console Help a couple days ago by multiple people. I haven’t seen an update of the issue. Hopefully they get it fixed before Aug 31 or most likely GDevelop will be updated before that.

You should be able to do it in Android Studio if you want. The process is fairly simple and the only part that should have you scratching your head is signing.

Anything you upload to Play Console is there forever (though of course you don’t have to publish). You can never delete it. So be sure the package name is something that would be suitable for an actual game, then even if you upload a (test) you can later update it as a completely different full project.

Also, be sure to put this game has ads even if you do not actually intend to use ads or work with Admob etc. This leaves you clear for your own campaigns later.

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I see
So, beside Android Studio, all i have ( and i can ) do is wait for an update.
Im glad its something that have been reported by lot of users and not only my fault
Thank you so much for the clear and fast reply

Looks like that update you wanted is here AND Google has fixed the issue on their side. A Community Manager at GDevelop has reported that the Android one click build now supports API 34 and members at Play Console Help are reporting they are now able to upload new apps with API 33. Either way you’re green lighted.

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