[Solved] Help needed on Create Object


I’ve been trying all day to resolve this but all in vain.
Much appreciated if you can tell me why the “Bomb” is created in the top left corner of the screen,
instead of on the Monster.

This all started happening in my AlienShootout game so I created this very simple Test (as attached herewith) without anything else in it, and the same thing always happens - the new object is created in the top left corner.

I must be doing something stupid but I can’t see it.

Many thanks for your help.

Do you need the “from its name” variant of “Creat an object”?
I’ve never used it and I don’t really get it.
But if you choose Bomb and not Monster in the first field, it might work.

Hi Jack,

You are absolutely right !!!

Many, many thanks for putting me out of my misery.