[solved] Help! Object not getting deleted :|

So I checked the forum and didn’t find answer to my problem. Hence starting a new post.

I’m trying to move an object “Umbrella” and remove it as soon as it crosses 550 px line.
Edit: My screen is about 1280 x 720 px.

However, it just keeps going till it moves out of the scene.

What am I missing?

The area where you want to delete the object, put a hidden object in it, but do not make it dynamic, and when the object you want to delete collides with the hidden object, give the delete command

Are the events on lines by themselves meaning not subevents of another event? It looks like it should work

Create a new event which is on touch and the action is delete

@Keith_1357 There’s an even on-mouse-release that triggers these.

@anas I created a sprite, set it’s visibility to ‘hide’. It does not seem to work. Is this what you were referring to as a hidden object?

Do the objects get deleted if you press and release the mouse button? If they’re a subevent of the mouse event then they’ll only get triggered once in the frame right after the mouse is released.

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My apologies for not taking a good screenshot.
Here’s how it looks like

Thanks to your help this is solved.
Since I nested this under the mouse-click event, this was not triggered.
Placing it outside of the nesting solved this issue.

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