[Solved] Help on how to create checkpoint

Can anyone help me on how to create a Checkpoint

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thank you for your reply, I tried but it is not working with my platformer, I want to create checkpoint when the life is over and not on collision with the enemy, So please could you help on this, waiting for your reply.

I need to see the events.

Check this out it was really help full to me.



Ok, now I tried it this way but is still not working, Cn anyone tell where I am wrong, and my Boy gets stucked on the checkpoint, how do I resolve it?

Watch the tutorial till the end because the events don’t stop there.

This is the event I am Doing, can you solve this event?
I am trying when life is = 0, my player should come to checkpoint if he has collided with the checkpoint.

This was a tutorial from The Game developer…My events system is different.You should ask the gem dev for this.

Anyway you can set events like this

{(Commands)Variable of player health is =0 } = {(Action)Change the position of player to Checkpoint }

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Follow my gdevelop 5 tutorial above and you would be able to make the checkpoint


I followed your tutorial of checkpoint but it is not working,

what problem are you experiencing.
If you cant explain the problem just send me a link to your project folder by uploading it to a website like mediafire

Thank you and I have sent the file to your email I got from your youtube channel