[Solved] Help with Kenney Assets

I just downloaded the 1-bit Kenney Asset and the resources are in a tilemap form. Is it possible to use it in GDevelop? If so, how would you do it? Thanks!

Yes, but not directly.

Level/world assets could be loaded into Tiled Map Editor to create a tilemap json (check the GDevelop wiki for more details)

Sprites that are in full spritesheets could be loaded into piskel and split a into individual frames, but only if they are evenly aligned, and you will need to redo the process for each animation. (See the tutorials page on the wiki for a specific tutorial on doing this)

Individual objects you will need to load the full spritesheet into piskel and just crop for the image you want.

I actually figured it out, but forgot to delete this topic. Thanks anyway!

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